A masterclass on Biodiversity Net Gain in England, exploring what it means, its importance and methods of implementation and measurement. 

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About the course

This half-day masterclass in London will deep dive into Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) in the built environment. Focusing on the legislation and policy context in England, this course will help delegates understand the drivers behind BNG and how to achieve and surpass the mandated minimum 10% biodiversity uplift in new project.

The course will cover the need for biodiversity recovery in general across England, contextualised against the climate and biodiversity crises. We’ll look at the principles and basics of BNG – what is BNG? Why does it matter? How is it measured?

We’ll move on to explore the regulatory drivers for BNG with a focus on translating the Environment Act, 2021 and covering how a number of major local authorities apply the National Planning Policy

Framework (NPPF) and their own policies on BNG. Finally, we’ll cover the process of BNG from start to finish, picking up the practical steps needed within planning and construction, including how to design for BNG through green infrastructure design.

The course will be interactive and discursive, giving you a chance to discuss BNG issues with colleagues from across the UKGBC membership, and our subject-matter expert.

The course will

Explain the importance of biodiversity and threats posed to nature from the built environment.
Help you develop an understanding of how the biodiversity and climate crises intersect
Walk through exactly what biodiversity net gain is, explaining the policy and legislative drivers relating to BNG
Introduce methods for calculating BNG on development projects
Highlight key considerations for developers relating to BNG within the design and delivery of new development
Help you understand the concepts of green infrastructure (GI), nature-based solutions (NBS) and how these can be used to achieve Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG)
Share case study references to show how BNG can be delivered effectively.

Who’s it for?

This masterclass is for developers, planners, architects, landscape architects, and any other planning/environmental professionals who need to know more about BNG within planning in England.

Why attend?

Learn more about the important of nature and biodiversity to people and communities
Understand BNG legislation and the process – what is it? Why does it matter? How is it measured?
Meet and network others across industry working on BNG

Biodiversity and Environmental Net Gain Project Partners

Our work on Biodiversity Net Gain and Environmental Gain is generously supported by the following organisations.

This masterclass is part of our Nature and Biodiversity Learning Programme

This programme seeks to radically change delegates view of nature, to a perspective that values and respects nature and humans’ place within the web of life.

Split into a wide number of workshops, masterclasses and webinars over several months, delegates can choose to join any number of sessions and do not need to attend them all. You are instead encouraged to engage with the question – how do I want to better connect with nature? – and seek out the learning opportunities that will help you find the answers you need.

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