The need for rapid decarbonisation is clear. The impacts of climate change are being felt here and now, with average global temperature records being broken across the summer. We need to accelerate action to mitigate our impacts on our planet. But we’re not moving fast enough. The Whole Life Carbon Roadmap indicates that continuing business as usual would see the sector fall well short of the 2050 net zero target.

Organisations across the built environment value chain need to play their part in reaching net zero, and each and every person in those organisations can support the transformation.

That means you!

‘Net zero’ can appear confusing, complicated, and highly challenging to achieve, but UKGBC are here to help you understand what this means, why it’s important and what actions you can take.

This webinar series will build your core net zero knowledge through exploring key concepts, ideas and solutions needed to reach net zero across our built environment. Each session will delve into a new subject, from measuring carbon, to retrofit and much more.

UKGBC’s Advancing Net Zero team will provide expert guidance across the series, alongside inspirational examples of success and case studies from UKGBC members. Each session will allow for questions, giving you the opportunity to ask our experts and guests anything you want.

Each webinar will run from 09:30 – 10:25 GMT (with an extended Q&A from 10:25-10:45) The subjects covered and dates are as follows:


1. Advancing Net Zero in the Built Environment- An Introduction

Friday 22 September

2. Net Zero in Organisations

Friday 29 September

3. Defining, Designing, and Delivering Net Zero Carbon Buildings

Friday 13 October

4. Whole Life Carbon and the Circular Economy

Friday 27 October

5. Procuring Renewable Energy and Carbon Offsets

Friday 10 November

6. Retrofitting the UK’s Built Environment

Friday 24 November

Why attend?

Every one of us needs to be part of the journey to a net zero, sustainable built environment. As organisations set carbon reduction targets and progress towards more sustainable business objectives, it’s important to understand some of these key concepts to ensure you are not left behind.

From attending this series, you will:

  • Understand what net zero carbon means, and how it can be achieved in the built environment sector.
  • See how organisations are already rising to the challenge.
  • Be inspired to participate in sustainability action in your organisation.
  • Know where to find further UKGBC resources and learning

Who should attend?

These sessions are designed for anyone who’s interested in knowing more about net zero in the built environment – they’re open to all. They will cover essential knowledge, not detailed, technical advice.

You could be early in your career, or keen to know more about what net zero means for your team or role, or you may have recognised that you need to know more on this topic to succeed in your organisation. Either way, this series will give you the essential knowledge you need to support the decarbonisation of the built environment.


For non-members attending all six webinars, contact to get the final session for free.

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