Through UKGBC’s Case Study Library we seek to identify and promote best practice by our members to act as inspiration for the built environment industry. We want to demonstrate where climate action is happening now and demonstrate that it’s possible.

What are we looking for in a case study?

They can be from anywhere in the world.

They don’t have to just be based in the UK!

They must address at least one of our impact areas.

They must not have any negative effects on other impact areas.

They must demonstrate sustainability best practice.

They must be working towards, or have achieved, notable sustainability objective and outcomes.

They should showcase at least one, or several, notable approaches.

E.g. innovative technology/ product, service, process, operating/ financial mode

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Submit a Case Study

To submit a case study for consideration, please complete the form below or download the offline version above and email it to If your case study is included, information you submit in this form will be directly used to form content for the Library, and we will issue this to you in draft prior to publication. Please note, only UKGBC members can submit a case study to our library.

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