As the collective voice of the UK’s built environment sector, UKGBC urges the Government to strengthen and deepen its reforms of the planning system.

Together with our more than 700 members from across the sector, UKGBC has now responded to the consultation with recommendations for the Government to reform the planning system to more effectively tackle the climate crisis, halt nature’s decline, and develop greater climate resilience.  

Philip Box, Policy Adviser at UKGBC said: 

Many of the Government’s proposals set a welcome direction for planning reform, particularly the consideration of carbon accounting and measurement for planning purposes and attention given to small-scale nature enhancement and climate adaptation. 

However, a great deal of specific detail appears pushed back to future consultations, at a time when our path to net zero and nature recovery simply cannot afford further delay. 

 The Government should urgently take forward the key policies we recommend, backed by amendments to the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill and aligned to the environmental targets set out in UK law, to ensure the planning system is fit for purpose. 

Our response draws on our members’ collective experience and expertise at the forefront of the built environment and sets out key recommendations for a more strategic and comprehensive approach.

We look forward to further consultation with the Government on how the planning system can play its part in delivering a net zero, climate resilience, regenerative UK.” 

We urge the Government to

  • Provide Local Planning Authorities with more guidance and support to aid with the effective consideration of local sustainability, environmental and social value implications when planning for more homes.
  • Go ahead with proposed changes to emphasise the role of beauty as an objective of the
    planning, placemaking, strategic policies and the development process.
  • Include a consistent carbon impact assessment and carbon accounting requirements in planning, in relation to plan making, development management and decision making.
  • Introduce an NDMP that could embed compliance and alignment with the cooling hierarchy through national policy, to ensure planning supports interventions to tackle localized overheating.

Download UKGBC’s full response here

UKGBC response to Levelling up and Regeneration Bill

Reforms to national planning policy
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