Problem addressed

Identifying and monitoring heat waste from the built environment is imperative as we push towards decarbonisation and a Net Zero future. In order to advance retrofitting efforts to align with government regulation, reduce energy bills, and potentially identify houses that are exposed to fuel poverty we must identify worst performing buildings which are leaking the most heat.

Solution overview

Satellite Vu, branded as the thermometer of the world, is launching a satellite constellation capable of measuring the thermal emissions of any structure on the planet. This enables the monitoring of heat waste from the built environment in a consistent, scalable way, identifying priorities for improvements and providing evidence to make the case for energy efficiency improvements.

The high resolution Mid-Wave Infrared Sensor/Imager part of a satellite constellation offers multiple revisits a day and night and has global, national and citywide coverage. The 2 degrees sensitivity enables it to detect subtle changes of temperature in scene and identify the worst performing houses in a district. Heat emissions are measured through the roof of the buildings and heat leakages can be seen from the sides. The solution can see if the roof is better insulated than the walls or windows as it will be able to identify which are hotter or cooler. The solution is able to validate retrofitting improvements and assess the thermal footprint before and after.

The solution is able to provide building insights, but also insights on water pollution and energy wastage.

Until the satellites launch in June 2023, Satellite Vu is using high altitude flights to gather data.

Starting price – £50K annual subscription = 56 images.

Case study

Looking for partners prior to launch using aerial to survey areas of interest.

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