The Wellbeing Lab event featured presentations from UKGBC’s John Alker and The Monomoy Company’s Richard Francis, as well as a panel discussion with Jane Wakiwaka (The Crown Estate), Graham Baxter (Standard Life Investments) and Sam Carson (Carbon Credentials).

The speakers discussed the insights identified during the Wellbeing Lab process and considered items such as the importance of data and monitoring technology as well as how collaboration across internal functions is essential in improving health and wellbeing in offices.

On tackling the reluctance in some businesses to spend money on wellbeing measures, Richard Francis posed the question: “If anyone could know everything about your building, would your sustainability strategy remain the same?”

Sam Carson made the point that, as technology is advancing, transparency is increasing and people are increasingly making the connection between where they are and how they are.

Jane Wakiwaka highlighted the value of perceptual data from a building’s occupants, with the whole panel in agreement that staff surveys are a simple and effective way of identifying ‘quick wins’ to improve an office space.

The discussion was followed by an opportunity for attendees to network and discuss case studies with members of the teams that participated in the Wellbeing Lab process.

Following the event, John Alker commented:

“There was an amazing atmosphere at the launch event, with a great turnout of a highly-engaged UKGBC membership, all striving to demonstrate leadership in health and wellbeing.

“I’d like to congratulate all the teams who took part in the Lab for demonstrating their commitment to this topic, and for acknowledging the importance of practicing what they preach.”

The full compendium is available to download here.

UKGBC’s next Wellbeing Lab will focus on the retail sector – that can be read here.