UKGBC has today launched a refreshed brand with a distinct new visual style, a new website and the first phase of a new membership area, reflecting the organisation’s evolution and its role as the voice of 700+ member organisations championing our sustainable built environment.

The updates to the brand empower the organisation to deliver its messages, campaigns, and resources to key audiences with more strength and clarity, while the launch of the new website and the first stage of a new membership area highlight the organisation’s commitment to delivering exceptional member value and enhancing its reach and engagement across all key stakeholder groups.

About the evolution:

The refreshed brand retains the original Fibonacci sequence, so closely associated with nature, whilst modernising it for optimum accessibility. The new visual style brings to life UKGBC’s role as ‘the voice of our sustainable built environment’ in an inspiring, engaging and versatile design execution.

Through a user-friendly, intuitive experience with improved navigation and functionality, the new website has been designed with UKGBC’s audiences at its core, enabling them to easily access a range of member and industry-wide insights, guidance, training and events. The site has been designed with sustainability as a key value, and overall is 94% cleaner than the previous, with a carbon footprint per page view falling well under best practice parameters.

The first phase of the membership area builds on feedback from members themselves, enabling simple, online membership registration and management, with upcoming phases delivering unique member benefits and deeper engagement with the UKGBC network.  

Why now?

With the recent IPCC report issuing yet another exasperated rallying cry for more action, and the disappointing announcements from Government on Energy Security Day, our future depends more than ever on a stronger, more cohesive UKGBC network that can together deliver the transformation to a net zero, climate resilient and regenerative built environment.

While our organisation and remit has transformed dramatically over the past few years, it became clear that perceptions of the organisation had not evolved at the same pace. The launch of our evolved brand marks a fresh chapter for UKGBC, through which we’ll marry our presence with our ambition, and continue to advance our role as the voice of our sustainable built environment. Our membership is at the centre of everything we do and our new website and first phase of the membership area shows our commitment to delivering quality and value to the organisations within our network, as well as to the wider industry beyond who also benefit from our range of products, guidance and training.”

Simon McWhirter, Director of External Affairs and Deputy Chief Executive

The year ahead:

The organisation’s Annual Operating Plan for 23/24 has also been released today; informed by the 2025 Strategy and the seven strategic goals within this, as well as insight and feedback from members, this year’s AOP captures UKGBC’s key priorities for the year ahead.  

In addition, the 23/24 events and courses calendar is also available here, offering a snapshot of the broad portfolio of activities available to members and non-members in the year ahead.

Download UKGBC’s AOP 2023/24