Our climate is changing and the impacts on our buildings, infrastructure and way of life are set to increase. It is not enough to mitigate against future climate change, we also need to adapt to the inevitable impacts we are locked into. At COP26 the UK called for the world to be climate resilient by 2030 and earmarked significant funds in support of the most vulnerable.  

Solutions to enable climate resilience within the built environment already exist, but they aren’t always common knowledge or well understood. And we don’t have time to individually search for them or generate new ideas from scratch. To address this, UKGBC are running two climate resilience challenges, searching for the best solutions in need of greater profiling and adoption: 

Challenge Statement One: 

How can communities and local authorities implement, maintain, and assess the impact of Nature-Based Solutions to enhance climate resilience? 

Challenge Statement Two: 

How can existing buildings be made more resilient to climate change, with as little disruption to their occupants as possible, by 2030? 

We are crowdsourcing solutions to the above challenges until midnight on Tuesday 8th February, after which a shortlist will be selected for further evaluation by UKGBC and an expert Judging Panel of UKGBC Members.  

Why Take Part? 

  • Publication: Solutions that address the challenges well will be profiled within UKGBC publications  (e.g. here and here) and in our Solutions Library.  We regularly feature content from our Solutions Library in our social media comms, courses and events, and in discussions with our 600+ member organisations.
  • Showcase event: Solution providers whose solutions address the challenges best will also be invited to pitch at a showcase event on 9th March 2022 to an expert Judging Panel of UKGBC Members and a live virtual audience who are looking for solutions to these challenges. 

UKGBC Member Judging Panel: 

  • Kulbir Bhatti, Sustainability Manager, GPE 
  • Juliet Staples, Senior Project Manager URBAN GreenUP, Liverpool City Council
  • Gillian Dick, Manager Spatial Planning – Research & Development, Glasgow City Council
  • Robert Winch, ESG Consultant, Hoare Lea

These challenges are being run by UKGBC’s Solutions and Innovation Programme in conjunction with UKGBC’s Resilience and Nature-Based Solutions Programme. In 2019, UKGBC published the following sector ambition statement:  

By 2030, all buildings and infrastructure will, throughout their lifetime, be climate resilient and maximise environmental net gains, through the prioritisation of nature-based solutions.