This project is part of UKGBC’s Resilience and NBS programme, and builds on the previous report, Delivering Urban Nature-based Solutions. 

The project aims to:  

  • Offer guidance on choosing nature-based solutions that best deliver predefined outcomes and benefits  
  • Review existing ways of quantifying costs and benefits of nature-based solutions 
  • Identify suitable project specific financing models for the creation and management of nature-based solutions to deliver positive outcomes   

Applications for the Task Groups are being sought from within the UKGBC membership, from a broad range of built environment organisations to ensure breadth of knowledge and perspectives. Desired expertise include, but are not limited to:  

  • Existing and emerging industry and academic research, evidence, and policy recommendations in 
  • support of nature-based solutions. 
  • Delivering nature-based solutions and overcoming financial hurdles. 
  • Adapting to climate change using nature-based solutions. 
  • Assessing non-financial value, such as Natural Capital assessments.
  • Valuing common goods 
  • Ecosystem services 
  • Development of innovative co-finance models. 
  • Investment in climate adaptation. 

The deadline for applications is Friday 10th September 2021. 

For more information about the project, the task group requirements and commitments and how to apply please see document below. 

Task Groups will be capped at a practical size, but additional consultation opportunities will be available throughout the project process. Please email to be added to the climate resilience interest group and alerted of future opportunities.   

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