Problem Addressed

The English Housing Survey Energy Report states that 89% of homes use a boiler + radiator heating system, most of which use gas or oil as their power source. In these types of wet heating systems, the circulation of water is typically the least efficient aspect of their operation. The buildup of magnetite deposits in boilers and radiators caused by trapped air can dramatically affect heat transfer, particularly in older systems. UKGBC’s Whole Life Carbon Roadmap supports the phase-out of all gas boilers, and an end to sales of gas boilers by 2030 but improving the energy efficiency and reducing the carbon emissions associated with the existing stock of boilers must be addressed during this phase-out.

Solution Overview

Tadpole provides a solution for improving the efficiency and therefor reducing the emissions of existing fossil fuel boiler systems. Older wet heating systems begin to corrode over time and lose their efficiency. When dissolved oxygen in water reacts with ferrous metals, corrosion occurs which can lead to rattling pipes, magnetite build-up creating leaks and heat failure due to blockages, pump failures, and ineffective heating of radiators via cold spots. By removing the dissolved oxygen and nitrogen, Tadpole can prevent corrosion and improve the energy efficiency of wet heating systems. When water enters the Tadpole, a vortex is created where dissolved air can be separated and removed from the water. Tadpole has been formally tested at the Institute of Technology, Tralee with the testing showing a reduction in oxygen levels down to below 0.5 parts per million and energy savings of over 20%. It can save even more money by reducing unplanned maintenance and extending the life of the boiler.

The Tadpole system is available in 22mm and 28mm pipe sizes allowing for it to be used with a wide range of heating systems including condensing, non-condensing, oil and gas boilers, combination boilers, and heat pumps. Tadpole is easy to fit with only two connections and comes with a 10-year warranty and a minimum service lifespan of 40 years. Since it requires no electricity and has no moving parts, Tadpole is a fit and forget technology. Additional benefits of Tadpole include an increase in primary heating temperatures, noise reduction, and improved heat transfer and thermal comfort.

Case Study

Tadpole was tested on four sites between 2011 and 2012 at Interserve’s energy services division over the course of an 8-week period – 4 weeks without and 4 weeks with Tadpole installed. Savings per site ranged from 8% to 30% with an average across all four sites of 19% with a typical payback within 24 months. After the testing, Tadpole was rolled out to 110 sites nationwide with an average ROI of 18 months.

Facts and Figures

22 + 28 mm
20 %
10 year

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