Problem Addressed

The Hark Platform is helping alert Energy Managers and Asset Operators to abnormalities across their estate, informing actions such as preventative maintenance, regulatory compliance, asset control and energy management.

Solution Overview

The Hark Platform is an interconnected cloud-based sensor platform that allows users to monitor and gain insight into their environmental data in real-time. There are 3 core components which contain features that can be used:

Hark Connect: Hark Connect is edge, on-premise or cloud deployable software that allows technology teams, industrial teams, and facilities teams easily connect to industrial assets through industry standard protocols. Features include the following:

  • Connectivity via Industrial Protocols such as Modbus, BACnet, OPC-UA, MQTT and more
  • Data aggregation from sensors and edge devices
  • Secure cloud and on-premise data bridging of real-time data
  • Use as secure MQTT broker for further integrations
  • Proprietary protocols can be deployed through Hark Connect to create a standardised messaging and telemetry system
  • Store and Forward features built-in for ensuring data availability in the event of temporary outages

Hark Analytics: Real-time remote device and asset monitoring, agnostic of vendor and type. Supporting enterprise, industrial and SCADA protocols, have a unified view across your estate. Visualise the health of an asset in real-time. Features include the following:

  • Setup Locations, Groups, Sensors
  • Real-time Monitoring and Health Indication
  • Real-time Alerting and Alarming Functions
  • Self-Service Custom Dashboarding and Visualisations with drag-and-drop widgets
  • Trending, Graphing and Sensor and Data Statistics
  • Built in message bus that can forward data onto other messaging systems

Hark Energy Tools: Analyse and track energy performance from half-hourly data sources such as Energy Meters, Gas Meters, Water Meters. Analyse profiles and trends across an energy estate from 1 – 100,000 energy meters. Features include the following:

  • Energy Profiling and Analysis
  • Automatic Metering and Targeting
  • Data Quality Analysis
  • Automatic Consumption Analysis and Reporting
  • Forecasting and Alerting
  • Cloud and Data Integrations

Who Uses The Hark Platform? The Hark Platform is a cloud platform that allows Energy Managers and Asset Operators to easily connect to, monitor and control their Buildings, Energy Meters and Industrial Process assets. Today there are tens of thousands of assets connected to the Hark Platform within Supermarket, Industrial Manufacturers, Utilities and Facilities Management.