Problem Addressed

Access to conventional solar power is often limited by high upfront costs, and is more accessible to people owning their own houses. The process of solar panel installation on tower blocks can be accompanied by complicated planning permissions, and segregated units in blocks of flats and office blocks make operation and installation more complex and intricate. Currently it is not easy for flats to generate their own solar energy directly, despite the majority of people in cities living in flats.

Additionally, overheating as a consequence of global warming is becoming a significant issue, especially in inner city flats. With the percentage of the world’s population living in cities rising, this problem is going to get worse.

Solution Overview

Filia is a new breed of blackout blind that extends the worlds’ canvas for solar power. Filia integrates solar film to existing or new blackout blinds, doors and garage doors, transforming them into solar panels. The product is cost efficient, easy to install and fully recyclable. The solution is appropriate for use on any building (residential and commercial) democratising solar.

The blinds come as a complete unit, fulfilling their original purpose as a blackout blind reducing overheating and cooling requirements in summer and helping to maintain temperature in winter, all whilst absorbing solar energy.

Filia’s mobile application can be used to programme the blinds to roll down and power up at any time. The in-app learning means that the blinds can also continue to act as solar panels when the occupier is away from home.

Another benefit to this solution is the dramatically increased surface area potential for solar power generation close to the point of consumption. It enables far greater access for people to be able to generate their own energy having positive socio-economic impacts.

Benefits of using Filia:

  • The cost and payback time is minimal, due to the use of low-cost next generation of solar film.
  • The use of blackout blinds reduces cooling needs (and therefore energy consumption) during summer.
  • The technology will increase buildings’ EPC ratings.
  • By producing localised clean energy, individuals can save on their energy bills, even in apartments.

Case Study

Filia is currently in advanced discussions with a garage door company in which to incorporate their technology. One of the worlds’ largest private equity companies has also agreed to test Filia blinds in some of their properties in southern Europe, with another company agreeing to test blinds in Singapore. There is also momentum with a garage door panel manufacturer who produces significant square meters of garage door panels each year.


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