Reducing embodied carbon is a crucial part of achieving a net zero carbon built environment by 2050. Embodied carbon from construction currently accounts for around 6% of the UK’s annual emissions but it can represent over half of the whole life carbon impacts for an energy efficient new building. To keep us on track to limit global temperature rises, the World Green Building Council has said that all buildings and infrastructure projects should achieve at least a 40% reduction in embodied carbon by 2030.

To help tackle this issue at the scale needed, Bionova Ltd, developers of One Click LCA, have created One Click LCA Planetary. Planetary is free to use, global embodied carbon software that helps construction industry professionals to calculate and benchmark embodied carbon impacts and material efficiency of building designs. UKGBC is delighted to be the official partner for One Click LCA Planetary tool in the UK.

One Click LCA Planetary is available in nine languages and covers the ten most carbon-intensive and significant materials categories in construction. It provides both materials efficiency and embodied carbon metrics at once. You can learn more about One Click LCA Planetary and get free access at

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