Problem Addressed

According to the UK Independent, the UK has a 4M home deficit and must build 340,000 new homes each year until 2031. Modulous’ goal is to revolutionise the housing industry to deliver higher quality, more affordable homes faster while delivering benefits to society and the environment.

Solution Overview

Modulous is a construction technology business focused on the design and delivery of sustainable, healthy, and affordable homes. Its software generates optimised designs for multifamily homes based on its proprietary Kit of Parts, which is a standardised set of assemblies providing a high-performance modular housing system. The Kit of Parts is procured from an established supply chain and is brought together to create modular homes in facilities local to site. The combination of Modulous’ digital technology, physical technology and unique business model allows it to improve efficiencies across the value chain.

Case Study

Romney Avenue is an affordable multifamily housing scheme in Horfield, a suburb north of Bristol, for Bristol City Council. It comprises four two-bedroom houses and a three-storey block of flats containing five two bed and three one bed apartments. The project is using a Fabric First approach, prioritising overheating risk mitigation and delivering user comfort. The project has been designed to deliver a 100% reduction against regulated carbon emissions, uses heat pumps enabling fossil-fuel free development and a bio-solar roof with PV panels providing energy and green roofs supporting biodiversity. Modulous Kit of Parts forms the core of each dwelling and uses a steel framed construction with components designed and mechanically fixed for ease of disassembly at end of building’s service life. Our solution adopts material passports to enable reuse of each component from the Kit of Parts and support circularity in the built environment. The Romney Avenue project is due to start on site in January 2023.

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