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Data is everywhere but insights are not. To achieve UKGBC’s mission of radically improving the sustainability of the built environment we need to understand the data we have available and use it to take action to impact outcomes. Whether its reducing water lost to pipe leaks, getting the most out of renewables, or finding new ways to build that produce less carbon, Moata solutions help drive sustainable outcomes on infrastructure projects by providing the insights needed to make better decisions.

Solution Overview

Moata solutions use data to transform infrastructure design, delivery, and operation, significantly impacting the sustainability of projects. Solutions cover a range of different sectors and activities across the infrastructure lifecycle, from planning and concept design for new assets, right through to the operation and maintenance of existing ones. Browse the list of the solutions below to find the ones right for your project and request a demo.

Solutions include:

  • Moata Carbon Portal models the embodied carbon of new assets, enabling anyone on a project to make low carbon choices to decarbonise infrastructure.
  • Moata People and Planet gives investors and asset owners measurable insights into the environmental and social impacts of their infrastructure assets.
  • Moata Asset Advance: enables input of fieldwork activities in real-time and tracking of inventory for accurate maintenance cost data and improved claims recovery.
  • Daarwin allows you to manage all you your geotechnical monitoring data and get the most out of construction projects by reducing geotechnical uncertainties.
  • Moata Geospatial is a highly flexible and visual GIS platform that lets users rapidly access and collaborate around geospatial data, saving time and reducing project risk.
  • Moata Insights uses data to generate integrated dashboards that present project team members with a live, accurate assessment of performance.
  • Moata Inspect puts field inspection data at your fingertips with customisable and configurable smart forms for everything from health and safety visits to asset condition surveys.
  • Moata Intelligent Content provides a vast library of compliant, parametric 3D digital assets, drastically reducing the design time and cost of creating and recreating assets for specific projects.
  • Moata Land Management changes the way all aspects of land projects are managed by blending both spatial and nonspatial data in an easy-to-use system.
  • Moata Route Optimiser revolutionises the pipeline design process, using a geospatial interface, ground-breaking genetic algorithm, and domain expertise to generate an optimised route.
  • Moata Smart Energy is a suite of solutions for the renewable energy market that helps solve challenges associated with intermittent renewables, such as solar and wind.
  • Smart Infrastructure Index is an online self-assessment tool for measuring a businesses’ digital maturity across the entire asset life cycle so blind spots and priorities can be identified.
  • Moata Smart Water is a suite of solutions that uses visual models to provide real-time and predictive insights into water asset performance to enable proactive maintenance.
  • 3D Repo helps manage building information modelling data during design, delivery, and operation, enabling multidisciplinary teams to collaborate for a better built environment.

Pricing varies depending on which solution/s you select. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to talk to an expert and get a quote. To give an indication, the monthly price of Moata Carbon Portal, at time of publication, ranges from £1950 to £4450 depending on project size.

Case study

Read about how Moata Carbon Portal was used on the London Underground’s Northern Line Extension or by Highways England on the A303 Sparkford to Ilchester Scheme to cut carbon emissions.

Find all Moata case studies here.

This page presents data, evidence, and solutions that are provided by our partners and members and should therefore not be attributed to UKGBC. While we showcase these solutions for inspiration, to build consensus, and create momentum for climate action, UKGBC does not offer commercial endorsement of individual solutions. If you would like to quote something from this page, or more information, please contact our Communications team at

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