Problem Addressed

How to help tackle carbon emissions from construction using a simple tool that is accessible to anyone undertaking a construction project of any type or size.

Solution Overview

Construction Carbon is a whole life carbon emissions scoring tool that allows anyone undertaking a construction project to clearly communicate that they have assessed, reduced, and mitigated their associated carbon emissions.

Construction Carbon have simplified the process of decarbonising construction projects and made this accessible to anyone from large-scale developers to private individuals undertaking small domestic extensions.

They are a standardised, independent, externally audited scheme undertaking assessments in line with RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessments Practice Statement (2017), and offsetting residual carbon emissions using internationally recognised best practice.

Case Study

Construction Carbon are currently working with several developers through the design process to undertake Life Cycle Carbon Assessments of their projects before embarking on the preparation of carbon reduction strategies.

They have also worked with several developers who have projects under construction, most recently with Nylo Homes in Bournemouth. Construction Carbon have undertaken a Lifecycle Carbon Assessment and offset their residual carbon emissions from a live project bringing awareness of this issue to the wider development community locally.

Construction Carbon’s work with, and adoption by developers prior to any legislation of financial requirements imposed upon them has enabled them to educate  that first, this is a problem at all, and secondly, that for maximum benefit carbon reduction needs to be addressed in the design process as just offsetting is not the answer.

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