The UK has committed to a legally binding target to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Responsible for 25% of the UK’s direct emissions, the built environment has an important part to play to reach this goal, but it requires the full force of the industry behind it.

So to empower all corners of the property and construction sectors to engage in the net zero transition, UKGBC has developed Bitesize Learning Guides – a suite of resources that demystify key carbon concepts and create a common language for non-technical experts to confidently get involved in sustainable building topics.

Free of charge and with a minimal time commitment, UKGBC Bitesize Learning Guides are an accessible learning package supporting all built environment stakeholders to upskill, ensuring everyone can play a role in the green transition.

Explainer Guides

Using jargon-free, easy-to-understand language, UKGBC’s Explainer Guides provide a jumping-off point for non-sustainability professionals to begin their sustainability learning journey.

The one-pager guides break down key carbon concepts into digestible chunks outlining:

  • How it is defined
  • Its importance in tackling the climate crisis
  • How it relates to the built environment
  • Relevant resources to consolidate knowledge.

Download the six-part series

Net Zero Carbon Buildings and Infrastructure

Scope 1, 2 & 3 Emissions

Whole Life Carbon

Operational & Embodied Carbon

Carbon Pricing

Renewable Energy

Practical Guides

UKGBC’s Practical Guides introduce sustainable building approaches at all stages of the life cycle and detail key considerations and practical tips to enable non-sustainability experts to think about how they approach sustainability and integrate sustainability-driven decisions into their work and projects. 

The concise, two-page guides detail sustainable building across the value chain, outlining: 

  • Key principles 
  • Practical approaches for project stakeholders 
  • Case studies to bring the approach to life 
  • Further resources to continue learning 

Download the six-part series

Sustainable Investment

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Operations & Maintenance

Sustainable Deconstruction & End of Life