Ground-breaking new proposals for a European ‘energy efficiency mortgage’ scheme were launched today by the EU-funded ‘EeMAP’ initiative, which pioneering banks and buildings experts in piloting are preparing to pilot across Europe.

A public consultation on the proposals is now open for comments until 12 March, following the release of a major EU report on sustainable finance for financial regulators that recommended support for energy efficient mortgages.

WorldGBC’s Europe Regional Network is one of the key partners behind the EeMAP initiative, which aims to help meet the €100bn shortfall in annual investment for energy efficiency in buildings that is required to meet the EU’s climate targets. In response to calls from the banking sector, the proposals in the consultation set out a standardised European approach to energy efficient mortgages, to help lenders establish and grow these products. Energy efficiency mortgages aim to offer consumers better lending rates or additional finance when they invest in highly energy efficient homes or energy saving renovations.

A series of market briefings setting out the building energy performance landscape in a number of key European markets have been published by Green Building Councils alongside the proposals, to aid banks and other actors looking to launch national pilots under the new scheme. The UK market briefing is available here.

James Drinkwater, Director of WorldGBC’s Europe Regional Network, said: “To hit Europe’s climate and energy goals, it is critical we leverage the power of mortgage lenders to scale-up private finance for energy efficient building renovation. The proposals and market briefings represent a crucial step in greening Europe’s €7 trillion mortgage market. We call on Europe’s green building community to work with us to ensure the proposals can achieve this goal.”

Alongside the public consultation, European Green Building Councils are hosting a series of events aimed at establishing national expert ‘hubs’ for the energy efficient mortgage pilot, and to examine and strengthen the proposals published today. A half day conference will be hosted in the UK on Tuesday 20 March – click here for the details.

The final proposals for the mortgage pilot scheme will be released on 14 June 2018 at a major conference in Windsor, UK. The event will gather over 100 high level finance and green building experts, and will mark the official start of the energy efficient mortgages pilot scheme. A group of pioneer lenders, including major banks, medium size players and local, specialised lenders in Europe have already signalled their interest in being involved in the pilot.


For more information about the EeMAP & EeDaPP Initiatives, please visit the EeMAP website:

The design of the draft energy efficient mortgage proposals build on leading research by the EeMAP initiative published in late 2017, including the following reports:

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