Problem addressed

The built environment is directly responsible for 25% of UK emissions. For this industry to become more sustainable, it needs to leverage technology to manage the inherent complexities of sustainable improvements on the built environment and fast-track the required change.

Overview of start-up

Varig’s software automatically collects, calculates, and presents your buildings’ sustainability data and generates automated reports to give owners, managers, and tenants a complete performance overview of their portfolios, assets and sections.

By converting all emissions data – from the construction materials used decades ago, to the electric heating used last winter – into comparable CO2-equivalents, Varig’s software enables users to work systematically and strategically with sustainability. Users can compare KPIs, single assets and entire portfolios to identify the most impactful measures to implement. As performance data is autonomously and continually updated in the system, VARIG’s features facilitate improvements in which the users can monitor the actual effects of the actions implemented and guide attention and efforts

What makes the start-up innovative?

Automated data collection, improvement tracking, goal setting and reporting.

VARIG drives positive change by facilitating the access and comprehension of sustainability data and significantly reducing the resources needed to work systematically and efficiently with sustainability.

How the start-up has been designed to scale-up quickly

Varig is flexible in how data is gathered, not dependent on high granularity and does not depend on hardware installations.

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