Problem addressed

The gathering of quantity data required to be used in cost and carbon predictions is being done manually in later stages of building projects. Net Hero’s aim is to reduce emissions by focusing on the design stage of buildings.

Overview of start-up

Net Hero believes that cities should be living systems where human and natural capital coexist in harmony.

To do this, Net Hero is enabling the industry to realise all future buildings’ green premium value by:

  • Bringing forward the consequences of embodied carbon to the earliest possible design stage.
  • Generating alternative design and sustainable material options throughout all stages of the property development process
  • Integrating its planning software into current workflow systems so stakeholders can easily transfer data between design stages.

What makes the start-up innovative

Currently companies use environmental consultants to manually calculate the embodied carbon of their buildings. Net Hero uses AI & advanced data analytics to automate this process and empower decision makers with smart recommendations on how to reduce their emissions.

How the start-up has been designed to scale-up quickly

The service uses AI and automation to scale quickly as once in place, the tool will not require additional workload to run it for more buildings.

Net Hero is also part of a venture builder and aims to use the venture capital model to scale quickly.