Problem addressed

A lack of accurate granular energy data has been at the centre of decarbonisation challenges in the built world for decades. Building’s operational emissions are responsible for 19% of the UK’s carbon footprint, meaning we need quality data to deliver reporting, reduce emissions in operation, and develop strategies for larger capital investments into energy efficiency.

Overview of start-up

MeterZ removes barriers to collecting and analysing building energy data. They are an API first technology company, which provides project management services for metering procurement and installation alongside software integrations to the leading platforms used by existing customers for ESG reporting, decarbonisation strategy, and energy efficiency. Through their focus, MeterZ is able to offer energy data at lower price points than previously possible, allowing them to support a much broader range of buildings through granular energy data, where budgets in the past may not have allowed for metering solutions to be implemented in a holistic manner.

What makes the start-up innovative?

MeterZ is the first API lead shadow metering company in the UK. No other organisation provides a holistic service for metering implementation alongside a software offering, without locking customers into yet another dashboarding tool. Instead, MeterZ empowers existing software solutions already used by the majority of buildings, even building integrations into platforms on behalf of software partners to save on valuable software development time. Their approach is also flexible, meaning they can work with existing partners for installation or building networking.

How the start-up has been designed to scale-up quickly

The solution offered by MeterZ currently differentiates itself with its simplicity. It accomplishes this in three main ways:

  1. MeterZ offers a range of metering solutions specifically designed for retrofits. Their hardware is self-charging or battery powered and runs on the national LoRa network, meaning it can be installed without disruption or on-site infrastructure. This allows them to undercut the cost of traditional metering solutions by around 50-60%, making metering much more accessible to different asset types.
  2. Their solution is intended to work with existing software companies, property managers, and consultants. By not delivering software front ends, they minimise complexity and support all organisations towards achieving their common sustainability goals.
  3. They also take on hardware selection, design, installation, on-site networks, and data storage with all-in-one contracts. This significantly reduces the existing complexity from fragmentation in the metering space, allowing building owners and their partners to deliver against their energy related objectives.

MeterZ’s longer-term vision is to incorporate a broader array of energy data sources into their platform to provide a single source for energy performance data in the industry, democratising energy data access in the built world.