Problem addressed

Madaster regards the earth as a closed system within which there should be no waste. By giving the materials around us an identity, they acquire and retain value and can be accurately traced. Madaster’s goal is to put an end to material waste in buildings and infrastructure, therefore helping the built environment transition from a linear to a circular economy.

Overview of start-up

Madaster is the online library of information on materials and products. For registered buildings and infrastructure objects, the platform provides insight into the materials and products used, their location, as well as their impact on circularity and the environment. By providing these materials with an identity, Madaster creates awareness and understanding and makes reuse easier, reduces waste and minimises the impact on our environment. In this way, Madaster is working towards a circular construction industry.

What makes the start-up innovative?

Madaster is an innovative platform that promotes circular economy principles by facilitating the identification, documentation, and exchange of materials used in the construction and real estate industries.

Material passports:

Madaster creates digital material passports for buildings and other structures, providing a detailed inventory of the materials used in their construction. This information is stored in a secure database and can be accessed by building owners, architects, and other stakeholders.

Material reuse:

By providing detailed information about the materials used in buildings, Madaster makes it easier to reuse those materials when the building reaches its end of life. This reduces the amount of waste generated by the construction and demolition industry and promotes a circular economy.

Data analytics:

Madaster uses data analytics from connections to EPDs and other sources of information to provide insights into the environmental impact of building materials (most notably embodied carbon and circularity) and to identify opportunities for improving sustainability in the construction industry.


Madaster is a collaborative platform that brings together stakeholders throughout the construction and real estate industry chain to share knowledge and best practices for sustainable building. Targeting not only one stakeholder but the entire construction industry network.

How the start-up has been designed to scale-up quickly

Since Madasters formation in the Netherlands in 2017 Madaster has expanded to five other countries: Belgium, Germany, Austria, Norway, Switzerland. Madaster is now taking steps to become fully operational in the UK in 2023, its 6th expansion in its 6-year history.

In each instance Madaster has taken a carefully considered phased approach. Madaster seeks out partnerships in new regions to help establish a local entity. In Germany for example this is Drees and Sommer. Madaster then invites the front runners in each market, people with circular aspirations and strong links within the construction industry to become ‘Kennedy’s’ – companies that are willing to ‘go to the moon’ so to speak. This method helps Madaster bridge the first two years financially, build connections in new markets quickly, adapt the platform for local regulations and standards, and helps establish themselves as facilitators and drivers of a circular economy in new territories. The final stage is opening Madaster to the wider public.

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