Problem addressed

Building operations are responsible for 30% of final energy consumption globally. With UKGBC’s Whole Life Carbon Roadmap targeting a 49% reduction in non-domestic energy intensity by 2040, optimising the energy use of existing commercial buildings is an important strategy to reduce emissions.

Overview of start-up

Elyos Energy provides an all-in-one ‘everything energy’ platform for buildings including visualisation, optimisation, energy flexibility, and demand response. Their platform uses machine learning to both optimise a building’s energy consumption and automate participation in demand response markets. Elyos Energy tracks live energy providing immediate connection for smart meters onto their platform, providing energy visualisation of energy usage across large commercial portfolios. They offer bespoke accounts which allow all team members to access information based on their specific needs and permissions. By analysing weather data and site energy behaviour, Elyos Energy’s optimisation algorithm can provide recommendations for reducing energy use including automating schedules across multiple sites, identifying anomalies, and automating optimal consumption patterns all while tracking cost and carbon savings. All distributed energy resources can be integrated into their platform including EVs, HVAC, solar, and smart thermostats. Elyos Energy can also manage demand response for commercial buildings by connecting to the Balancing Mechanism marketplace. By reducing energy use during periods of peak demand on the grid, demand response makes the grid more reliable by preventing disruptions or potential blackouts. Commercial property owners can get paid by supporting the energy grid in this way.

What makes the start-up innovative?

Elyos Energy’s primary innovation is offering a truly all-in-one platform. By using machine learning, they are able to optimise energy consumption portfolio-wide and can automate participation in demand response markets.

How the start-up has been designed to scale-up quickly

Despite only launching recently, Elyos Energy already operates in 300 buildings. Developed by a team of industry experts, Elyos Energy’s mission is to address climate change by decarbonising commercial buildings.