Problem addressed

Biohm is championing a unique business model that enables major multinationals and global key players from various sectors to decarbonise their industries through licensing these unique biotechnologies.

Biohm is helping companies and manufacturers achieve their sustainability targets and net zero goals through the development of innovative biotechnologies and products. Whether it is developing new products, replacing components of existing products or remediating plastic waste, Biohm looks at offering biobased solutions to these problems.

Overview of start-up

Placing biological systems at the heart of building technologies, materials, and manufacturing methods.

Biohm is a multi-award-winning research and development led company that is harmonising cultural and natural systems through the development and scaling of ground-breaking biotechnologies. Driven by the simple philosophy of allowing nature to lead innovation, Biohm redefines biomimicry as the holistic and systemic emulation of the multitudinous hierarchical systems in nature (the whole universe) to create intelligent solutions that are glocally situated, socially connected, and sensitive to the cybernetics and energetics of their environment. Biohm is working towards revolutionising economies to secure the future of humanity without impeding other species’ evolutionary pathways – a march toward biosynergy.

What makes the start-up innovative

Driven by the simple philosophy of allowing nature to lead innovation, we let the natural laws of the cosmos and the unifying behaviour of all systems in the universe guide the development of radical biotechnologies. Biohm’s biotechnologies, which are patented in almost 60 countries, are being developed into high-performance materials, products and systems for leading multinationals and global players to deliver at scale.

How the start-up has been designed to scale-up quickly

Biohm enables companies and manufacturers to develop high performing bio-based products for a variety of applications using mycelium and Orb tech, allowing them to decarbonise and move away from harmful materials within industry.

The scale-up is achieved through a unique business model that ensures manufacturing at scale can be achieved. By licencing innovative technologies to established manufacturers with market access, Biohm is making sure that it’s biotechnologies achieve as much impact in as many industries as possible, decarbonising a variety of sectors.

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