Partnership Length1 year (FY 2024/25)

A step change in the sector’s environmental and social impact is needed to achieve UKGBC’s vision for a sustainable built environment. This requires innovation in technology, business models, and ways of operating. Fragmentation across the built environment industry is currently hindering knowledge-sharing and the development and deployment of the innovations needed. This project will support UKGBC’s open-innovation activities.

Workstreams include: 

  • 4 x online Innovative Start-Up Forum events: UKGBC has an expanding network of nearing 90 start-ups. These events see them convening with a panel of representatives from the wider built environment value chain to knowledge-share and enable better collaboration around industry challenges. Partners may attend the Forum, otherwise exclusively available to start-up and panelist members. 
  • 2 x in-person innovation networking events: open to all UKGBC members working on or interested in innovation, to network and knowledge-share. The summer event will include speed-networking between innovators and industry, and the winter event will focus on trends in sustainable innovation over 2024. 
  • Advisory scheme for start-ups and innovators: the Solutions & Innovation Advisory Group helps provide UKGBC’s start-up member network with market insight and advice to aid the development and deployment of their innovative solutions. Partners will be offered a position on the Advisory Group*. 

This project is ideal for organisations wishing to support the following objectives: 

  • Increase the pace and scale of sustainable innovation development and deployment across the built environment. 
  • Facilitate connections and collaboration across the innovation ecosystem, which includes start-ups, investors, accelerators, and corporate innovators and solution-adopters. 
  • Nurture start-ups as they grow, providing access to market insight and a strong peer group. 

Benefits for members

By becoming a project partner, you gain access to a range of opportunities including:

Drive meaningful impact

Be credited with enabling the project and facilitating progress and positive impact in the built environment. Take a steering role in helping to shape the project, its associated events and outputs, as well as how those are conveyed to industry to maximise impact and uptake. In collaboration with other Partners, contribute to the formation of 2-3 sustainability themes for UKGBC’s research team to source solutions and start-ups to over the year

Raise your brand profile

Receive brand recognition via inclusion of your organisation’s logo on relevant project-related outputs and collateral (e.g. reports, website pages, event presentation slides). Receive opportunities to speak at and attend UKGBC innovation events. Receive bespoke social media assets to help promote your organisation’s support of the project. 

Develop your staff

Individuals will gain unique experience, engage with a diverse set of stakeholders, and improve their knowledge through participation and engagement in project activities.

Extend your network

Collaborate with industry leaders and build your organisation’s network, including direct connection to innovative solution providers and start-ups. This includes through being offered a position on UKGBC’s Solutions and Innovation Advisory Group.*Please note that partners are not required to take up this position, if they do not wish to. Invitation to all innovation events and the UKGBC Future Leaders Innovation Showcase Finale. 

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Lucy Rees Head of Insights and Innovation
Emily-Rose Garnett Solutions and Innovation Advisor