Over 80 leading cities, states and organisations have signed the WorldGBC Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment to date. In this masterclass, you will find out why committing is so powerful and so important. You will also hear unique insights into how to deliver net zero carbon buildings in practice.

We will hear from the following leading voices:

  • Why companies commit to net zero carbon buildings
    Bianca Wong, Global Head of Sustainability, Kingspan
  • Why cities commit to net zero carbon buildings
    Gustaf Landahl, Head of Planning and Environment, City of Stockholm
  • What is the net zero carbon buildings commitment?
    Victoria Burrows, Director of Advancing Net Zero, WorldGBC
  • How to deliver a net zero carbon building
    Anna Åkesson, Senior Environmental Manager, Skanska
  • How to deal with embodied carbon
    Simon Davies, Director, AIA Environment

These presentations will be followed by Q&A with the panel.

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