A masterclass that will introduce nature-disclosure and the frameworks that are on offer.

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About the course

Nature is in crisis. Yet, its vital for our survival and our economy. According to the World Economic Forum, 50% of our economy is directly to nature . Recognising this is the first step to combatting the nature crisis.

Companies have a huge role to play in reducing their impact on the natural world. The starting point for that is understanding organisational impact through assessment and reporting. Through this we can understand more clearly how our businesses impact biodiversity, and how loss of biodiversity could impact our businesses; the so called double materiality of nature. Strategies to address these risks and impacts can then be produced.

Nature-reporting frameworks such as TNFD allow us to begin to understand this in more detail; to get oversight of nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks and opportunities; and enable businesses to integrate nature into decision making.

It is expected that nature-disclosure will become a legal requirement in the near future (it is for some organisations in the EU). The UK is a signatory of the global biodiversity framework, which means that we’re committed to implementing the framework goals and targets, to which monitoring and reporting is key.

This half day in person masterclass, will introduce nature-disclosure and the frameworks that are on offer. Through discussion and other exercises, delegates will learn what their business can and should do, and how to go about getting started.

The course will

Provide an overview of nature-related business risks and opportunities Provide an overview of key policy/reg frameworks with particular focus on the UK and EU landscape.
Explain what businesses need to know to deliver effectively on their reporting requirements.
Explore what business can do beyond reporting, moving to driving positive change.

Who’s it for?

This masterclass is for business leaders and ESG professionals across the built environment and finance seeking to understand and manage nature-related impacts. No prior experience of nature-disclosure is required.

Why attend?

Understand the importance of nature to business and the built environment
Learn about current and future nature reporting requirements
Understand what your organisation needs to do to report effectively, and drive positive change
Meet other people across industry and share learnings

Course hosts

Morgan Taylor, Director, Greengage. Morgan leads Greengages nature team, providing ecological and green infrastructure design input into projects enabling biodiversity net gains and complementing wider climate change adaptation measures. He provides clear and concise advice on how to manage ecology throughout planning and development. Morgan was included in the ENDS Report Power List 2023 of the most influential environmental professionals in the UK.

Greengage is an independent sustainability consultancy with offices in London, Manchester, Sheffield, and Bristol. Established for over 17 years, we’re an award-winning team of consultants with expertise across the full spectrum of sustainability including energy and carbon management, ESG, sustainable finance, social sustainability, biodiversity and green infrastructure/urban greening.

UKGBC subject-matter expert (TBC)

This masterclass is part of our Nature and Biodiversity Learning Programme

This programme seeks to radically change delegates view of nature, to a perspective that values and respects nature and humans’ place within the web of life.

Split into a wide number of workshops, masterclasses and webinars over several months, delegates can choose to join any number of sessions and do not need to attend them all. You are instead encouraged to engage with the question – how do I want to better connect with nature? – and seek out the learning opportunities that will help you find the answers you need.

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