We are pleased to be hosting an International WELLTM Building Institute faculty member who will be giving an overview of the standard and the next steps to learn more or applying the assessment scheme to new projects.

The webinar will include two sessions:

1st session – 1 hour – the basics of the WELL Building Standard

  • You will hear about the environmental factors that influence health and wellbeing in buildings;
  • You will get an overview of the WELLTM standard and its seven ‘key concepts’;
  • Q&A available through chat box or open microphone.

2nd session – additional 30 minutes – The WELL process

  • You will hear the path to becoming WELLTM AP;
  • You will learn the process to certify buildings;
  • Further information about our upcoming full day training on the 4thof July;
  • Q&A available through chat box or open microphone.

Please note: by attending the webinar, you will obtain a certificate of completion released by the IWBI.

Who should attend

Anyone interested in the key environmental factors that affect health and wellbeing in buildings, the WELL Building Standard and the next steps to becoming WELLTM AP or certify buildings.

Why attend

WELLTM is quickly establishing itself as the main scheme assessing health and wellbeing in buildings. This is an occasion to get familiar with the standard, interact with the IWBI faculty and hear about more available options of training.


Our webinars are hosted via Adobe providing a real-time, fully interactive, virtual learning environment that connects you with the UKGBC network of industry experts and practitioners. The webinars are accessed live, offering a chance for discussion and Q&A, or recorded to fit around busy schedules. Link to the webinar page will be provided before the event.

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All are welcome.

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