UKGBC’s Leadership Lite is a two-part package, allowing built environment professionals, in all stages of their careers to continue their journey to transformational leadership.

Capturing the key highlights and ideas from UKGBC’s impactful leadership programmes, Leadership Lite conveys the key concepts and take-aways required to deepen understanding, expand thinking and drive behaviour change, empowering readers with the knowledge and skills to steer and lead progress, whatever their job title. 

It is comprised of: 

  • The Sustainability Leadership Companion: this easily accessible written guide supports built environment professionals, in all stages of their careers, to gain further transformational leadership skills.   
  • The Sustainability Leadership WhatsApp course: designed with the busy professional in mind this course is delivered to the palm of your hand. Core concepts are delivered through compact and manageable learning modules, each summarised with practical actions that can be taken as next steps.  

Who is Leadership Lite for? 

Anyone interested in sustainability leadership.  

Every one of us has the potential to act as a leader within our spheres of influence, regardless of position or job title. The Leadership Lite pack will support this.  It is aimed at you as a company, you as a professional, and you as an individual. Leaders at all levels, across in the built environment. 

Core content 

The Sustainability Leadership Companion is a detailed guide that addresses the case for action, leaders’ purpose and key attributes, innovation, storytelling, systems change, and more. It delves into what is needed at organisational level, gives practical examples and cases at project level and personal leadership level. The Companion has been written for readers to dip in and out, ready to provide nuggets of inspiration at any given time.  It is designed to: 

  • Make key sustainability leadership insights more accessible  
  • Help as an explainer, what Sustainability Leadership is, and what is needed for a different future 
  • Unpack the complexity of systems thinking, and innovation in the built environment  
  • Help individuals explore the key behaviours needed for effective sustainability leadership 

The Sustainability Leadership WhatsApp course accompanies The Companion, to practically take busy professionals and leaders through a ‘light’ version of The Companion. It is a 6-week short course with a time commitment of 1 hour a week. Learnings are deployed through WhatsApp messages, with facilitators helping guide participants to share thoughts and experiences. The course brings to life the more extended thinking of The Companion in a bitesize way and gives practical examples to enable readers to apply learnings. The WhatsApp course: 

  • Provides light touch nuggets of learning for busy leaders 
  • Acts as an aide memoire – things to think about, triggers for acting differently, practical tips 
  • Aims to inspire and re-energise, reassure and equip those that use it with activities to explore their own positioning to the topics covered
  • Connects participants with others on their own leadership journey, enabling discussion and peer support  


The Companion is available in PDF format on demand. 

The WhatsApp course is running from Monday 16th January for 6 weeks.


  • £85 per person + VAT UKGBC for members (please note, Gold Leaf members receive a 15% discount – contact
  • £195 per person + VAT for non-members 

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