Launch event for UKGBC’s new programme of work focussing on system enablers for a circular economy.

While circular economy principles increasingly find their way into construction projects, a widespread adoption at scale is still not happening. Matching supply and demand of reused materials, questions around risk and warranty and legal frameworks are just some of the areas that currently stop circular economy to become mainstream.

UKGBC’s Circular Economy Partners will present how current challenges affect their work on circular economy and what they perceive to be the main barriers.

This event will kick off and help scope our upcoming work on System enablers for a circular economy, publication that articulates the barriers to a wider adoption of circular economy, assessing the lack of a cohesive infrastructure in the industry. You will be able to interactively share your views on the matter, helping with the initial scoping of this piece of work.

Who should attend

Any built environment professional with an interest in circular economy principles.

Why attend

By attending this webinar, you will learn about systemic challenges and the wider infrastructure of Circular Economy and gain an understanding of how you can contribute to UKGBC’s upcoming Circular Economy programme.


  • Rachel Hoolahan, Architect, Orms
  • Georgina Chamberlain, Sustainability Consultant, Buro Happold
  • Peter Kelly, Director, ISG
  • Prof Mohamed Osmani, Sustainable Building Design and Construction Programme Director, Loughborough University
  • Kai Liebetanz, Sustainability Advisor, UKGBC

For more on UKGBC’s Circular Economy programme, please see this page

With thanks to our Circular Economy programme partners, Buro Happold, ISG and Orms.

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All are welcome.