On 19th January 2022, UKGBC launched two climate resilience challenges in search of the best solutions to them in need of greater profiling and adoption. Solution submissions received underwent a competitive appraisal by our Member Judging Panel. Six exemplary solutions have now been selected to showcase at this event, with a UKGBC publication to follow that will highlight a wide range of solutions sourced that can help the built environment address the below challenges.

Challenge Statement One: How can communities and local authorities implement, maintain, and assess the impact of Nature-Based Solutions to enhance climate resilience?

  • HydroloGIS presented by Viridian Logic. A tool that identifies, ranks and prioritises the best interventions to maximise the provision of nature-based solutions to local problems.
  • Democratic Climate Model presented by Democratic Society. A model showing how democratic principles can lead cities to respond differently to climate change, including through the application of NBS.
  • NATURE Tool presented by WSP. A tool to help assess the impact of land-use and management changes on natural capital performance with the aim of achieving net gains for the environment.

Challenge Statement Two: How can existing buildings be made more resilient to climate change, with as little disruption to their occupants as possible, by 2030?

  • EarthScan presented by Cervest. A tool to discover, analyse and act on the climate risks and opportunities facing built assets.
  • Rain Activ presented by Rainwater Harvesting Ltd. Combining rainwater harvesting for non-potable applications with controlled release of attenuated water into the network.
  • Bloc ‘smart’ blue-green roof presented by Bruntwood & Polypipe. An innovative climate and water resilience research roof reducing rainwater discharge, supporting biodiversity and providing a thermal barrier.

UKGBC Member Judging Panel:

  • Kulbir Bhatti, Sustainability Manager, Great Portland Estates
  • Juliet Staples, Senior Project Manager URBAN GreenUP, Liverpool City Council
  • Gillian Dick, Manager Spatial Planning – Research & Development, Glasgow City Council
  • Robert Winch, ESG Consultant, Hoare Lea


  • Lucy Rees, Sustainability Advisor – Solutions & Innovation, UKGBC
  • Emily-Rose Garnett, Research and Innovation Officer, UKGBC

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These challenges are run by UKGBC’s Solutions and Innovation Programme in conjunction with UKGBC’s Resilience and Nature-Based Solutions Programme.

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