Human activity has resulted in a climate and ecological crisis. Based on current trajectories the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and UN Sustainable Development Goals will not be achieved (IPBES, 2019). 

The UKGBC has a vision for a built environment that enables people and planet to thrive. This includes by adapting to climate change and embracing and restoring nature and promoting biodiversityYou can see the full UKGBC vision here. 

To address the climate and ecological crisis and meet our vision we have developed an ambition statement for UKGBC members and the wider built environment to support, as well as inform our own work in its attainment. The draft statement was created by UKGBC following; desktop research, a visioning workshop with professionals across the built environment and a small number of 1-1 discussions with key stakeholders. 

This invite only roundtable will “disaster check” the ambition statement we have developed and discuss ideas for a possible next project 


How to get involved 

We take a collaborative approach to all our projects, as such prior to the roundtable we are running a public consultation on the ambition statement, you can submit your response here. This will be a final opportunity to feed into the development of the statement. Help us ensure we develop an ambition towards a climate resilient built environment that delivers the best outcomes for wildlife and people.  

 We hope that many of you will feel able to support the ambition statement and work with us on the resulting project which will include:  

  • Creating a timeline of interventions and actions required from stakeholders in order to fulfill the ambitions 
  • An initial piece of guidance for built environment professionals to help them on the journey 

Please find the consultation document here, this closes on 6th September. 

Please note that we are seeking funding for this upcoming project. If this is of interest please contact  

This roundtable is inviteonlyIf you would like to find out more or have any other queries, please contact 


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