“If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” – Maya Angelou. 

2020 marked the start the ‘decade of delivery’, where we moved decisively towards implementing solutions to climate emergency and delivering a built environment that allows people and planet to thrive, but it has also been characterised by ‘the great pause’. As 2021 builds up to COP26, and we speed towards the critical deadline of 2030, we take a moment to reflect on UKGBC’s work over 2020 and examine how the built environment sector responded as the year’s events unfolded.  

We held many events and courses across each of our impact areas: Climate Change, Resource Use, Nature & Biodiversity, Health & Wellbeing and Social Value, each offering key learnings and insights into how to deliver a better built environment and what a net zero world could look like, urging action on climate across all business activities. 

In advance of this session registered attendees will receive a ‘2020 Lookback’ summary, giving a curated overview of our 2020 content, links to resources and further information.

The online session with then provide an opportunity to review key insights, discuss different perspectives on the content, and connect with other UKGBC members.

Who should attend?

We recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to gain an overview of UKGBC courses and events during 2020 and explore how they reflect different approaches to action on climate.

Why attend? 

Attend this workshop if you would like to review UKGBC’s work over 2020, discuss key learnings and ways forward. 

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