Update: This event has now passed. For more information on our Nature and Biodiversity programme please click here.

The Cause

With this memorable, thought-provoking event, UKGBC is launching an important fundraising initiative to create a new programme focused on enhancing biodiversity and access to nature within our built environment.

This is an learning and networking event to reconnect UKGBC members with the vital importance of nature; and for those in the built environment sector to be humbled and awed by our natural world as we design and build the communities of tomorrow.


Who among us does not appreciate the beauty, intricacies and significance of the natural environment? The theme of biodiversity is one of UKGBC’s five key impact areas, and we promote our membership’s vision for a sustainable built environment as one that embraces and restores nature and promotes biodiversity. It is here that buildings and cities can play a vital role, as the natural capital in our urban areas delivers important functions by providing green space, tree cover and biodiversity while improving citizens’ quality of life.


Renowned evolutionary biologist Professor Menno Schilthuizen, author of “Darwin Comes to Town” and “The Loom of Life” will deliver the keynote address. Professor Schilthuizen is a leading urban ecologist, studying how our manmade environments are accelerating and changing the evolution of the animals and plants around us.

In the run up to Our Changing Nature Professor Schilthuizen will be answering a series of salient questions relating to his research:


The Conduit – a newly opened London members’ club with a social purpose, serving a diverse community of people passionate about social change. Its design has embraced biophilic principles, with a sourcing strategy prioritising the use of local and natural materials. This event is an early opportunity for our guests to experience the building and learn from the techniques used to bring nature and purpose central to the design process.

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We aim to bring together 250 urban practitioners, built environment professionals and sustainability influencers for an extraordinary evening of inspiration and networking.

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