The current lack of clarity and transparency in the carbon market has increased exposure to greenwashing accusations and is associated with detrimental impacts to climate action. For our carbon market to succeed, and for the planet to benefit from the responsible use of carbon offsets, it is vital that industry has access to clear guidance, alongside an effective global governance system.

The purpose of this new report is to offer guidance on carbon offsetting, with the aim of enabling the built environment sector to transition to more dramatic commitments as we approach 2030.

Why attend

This online session is an opportunity to meet the UKGBC team behind the Carbon Offsetting & Pricing guidance. The event will provide an overview of the guidance, providing attendees with an improved understanding and how to apply it within their organisations. This will be followed by audience Q&A with the UKGBC project leads and small group discussions to enable attendees to knowledge share and exchange insights on their offsetting challenges and successes.

Please join us to give us your feedback, ask any questions you might have and engage in discussion with the project team at UKGBC.

Who should attend

This is an exclusive member-only event with limited tickets to enable discussions in a smaller group. For more information on the benefits of UKGBC membership, please see this page.

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