With a general election fast approaching, how much investment should the political parties pledge to make upgrading the nation’s homes affordable and attractive?

With more than 27 million homes requiring retrofit for the UK to reach net zero, this and future Governments have an enormous task ahead to upgrade Britain’s homes to make them healthier, safer, and fit for net zero. But with billions required, how can a Chancellor or Secretary of State make the best spending decisions on retrofit?

Working with industry experts and academics, UKGBC has a created a new, user-friendly calculator that opens the books on retrofit and enables anybody – from policy makers to industry, think tanks and NGOs – to ‘play Chancellor’ by unpacking the impact and trade-offs behind different kinds of retrofit investment.

The tool enables evidence-led discussion on how investment can benefit energy bills, health, energy efficiency, and returns to the Treasury. It puts you in the Government’s shoes to decide, with finite resources, how much you would invest, over what time frame, and who would you prioritise – social housing, fuel poor residents, or motivating asset-rich owner-occupiers? What policies and regulations would fill the government funding gap and shift markets to encourage private investment?


Why attend 

At the webinar we’ll walk you through how to use the calculator tool with easy sliders to nudge up and down investment in everything from loft insulation to skills, and to tip the balance of funding between social housing, private rented, households in fuel poverty and wealthy asset-rich owner occupiers.

The academics and experts behind the tool will explain where the data came from, what assumptions have been made and how it can be used to give a breakdown by nation and region.

We’ll share plans for a new coalition to campaign for a step change in investment to be launched in 2024 – the year of the general election. And it will be a chance to connect with the growing group of businesses, think tanks and experts already backing the calculator and initiative.

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Who should attend 

Anyone representing a business, industry body, local authority, NGO, think tank, civil society or expert group interested in a step-change in government investment and action to retrofit the nation’s homes.

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Interest in climate change mitigation

An event to discover how the built environment can accelerate net zero, and discuss where we are on our journey.