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The UKGBC Course Mail is delivered online, through Mailchimp – a series of bite-size emails sent to your inbox weekly. The upcoming series focusses on Health & Wellbeing, which will be series 7.

Human health, wellbeing and quality of life are shaped both directly and indirectly by the quality of our built environment. Our experiences of lockdown and the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic have brought the state of our built environment into sharp focus, and fundamentally transformed our ways of living and working, potentially for the long-term. As we explore strategies that determine how to build back better, now is the time to transform our built environment so that it optimises the health and wellbeing of people.

Following a global consultation, WorldGBC have launched a new framework for health & wellbeing that expands the focus to include the broader socio-economic and environmental determinants of health, as well as the drive for improving public and environmental health across the whole lifecycle of the building.

The WorldGBC framework defines six core principles for a healthy and sustainable built environment and highlights the challenges and opportunities involved.  Our Course mail will explore how these six principles can be applied to the UK through the following themes:

  1. Introduction to the wider scope of Health & Wellbeing
  2. Improving health and prioritising comfort (principles 1 and 2)
  3. Harmony with nature and facilitating healthy lifestyles (principles 3 and 4)
  4. Creating social value and protecting the environment (principles 5 and 6)

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This course is meant for built environment professionals with a basic understanding of sustainability who are looking to increase their knowledge.

Course Mail is a series of four informative, easy-to-read emails; a bite-sized training programme offering a foundation on which to start discussions with other professionals around hot topics in the built environment.

At the end of each Course Mail there will be a short series of questions to check your understanding. Once you’ve completed the course (four quizzes overall) you can request your 1 hour CPD certificate.

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