With the window of opportunity to halve global emissions by 2030 rapidly closing, it is time for the ‘decade of action’ to come into full force. COP26 in Glasgow this November provides a pivotal moment for government and industry to strengthen their commitments to the Paris Agreement. With 6 months left until COP, it is time for the industry to capitalise on this momentum and focus on the key actions needed to realise net zero.

UKGBC has introduced Membership Requirements with the aim to catalyse action, induce industry-wide transformation, and demonstrate industry willingness in the run up to COP26 and beyond. UKGBC continues to support and strongly advocate for net zero through our programmatic work and alignment with the UN’s official Race to Zero campaign.

This event will provide a summary of these requirements, cover frequently asked questions on what is expected, and highlight the benefits of achieving these requirements.

Some key topics that will be covered include:


  • Julie Hirigoyen – CEO, UKGBC
  • Alastair Mant – Director of Business Transformation, UKGBC
  • Fiona Macklin – Race to Zero Campaign Coordinator, Climate Champions
  • Karl Desai – Senior Advisor – Advancing Net Zero, UKGBC

Please note, there is a sister event happening in the afternoon focusing on the opportunity and responsibility for large corporate occupiers to act on net zero – please sign up here.

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