UKGBC’s guide, social value in new development, recognised that the likelihood of creating social value outcomes was higher the more communities are engaged with their built environmentYet genuine engagement is sorely lacking.  

In order to address this complex challenge, we understand the need to use new thinking. And so, as part of the UKGBC Social Value Programmewe’re excited to launch our Community Engagement Sprint, designed to support the search for solutions to this challenge. 

Following a loose hackathon format, attendees will have the opportunity to form teams and cross pollinate ideas in search of a unique solution to one of three challenges. 

The Challenges:

 1. How can the sector better engage communities in the development process? 

Throughout the planning and design process, how can built environment professionals and individuals from local communities communicate more effectively with each other?

  • Developers and local authorities often struggle to understand the needs of communities 
  • Communities can be hard to reach, especially marginalised or disadvantaged groups 
  • Communities have a lack of information on how they can influence the development process  

 2. How can we disrupt existing delivery models to give more power to communities? 

What new business models, development partnerships or processes could create more equitable relationships between developers and communities?

  • The source of investment for development usually comes from outside the community, and communities rarely have a financial stake in new development 
  • The existing development process is cumbersome and frustrating for all parties  
  • Financial constraints often mean developers feel unable to deliver what the community needs  

 3. How can places better engage with people? 

How can our buildings and shared spaces, once built, encourage communities to interact with their built environment and feel ownership of their surroundings?

  • Ongoing maintenance of “shared spaces” often presents a financial burden 
  • Design features of the built environment can block out people, i.e. lack of entrances at street level 
  • Large commercial buildings often employ disparate people that live far away  

We believe that diversity is key to a successful solution, so no matter your background or interest area, come along and be part of the solution! 


  • Huseyin Gunduzler, Dialogue in the Dark
  • Kym Shaen-Carter, igloo Regeneration
  • Bridget Wilkins, Built ID
  • Trevor Keeling, BuroHappold
  • Chris Setz, StART


  • Giorgia Stewart, Lendlease
  • Helen Joscelyne, Derwent London

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in innovation and transformational change: sustainability professionals, designers, product manufacturers innovators, clients, owners/occupiers, students, graduates are all welcome.

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All are welcome.